About ZenBuilt Performance Garage

Why We Do, What We Do..

ZenBuilt Performance Garage Was Started For the Customer 

ZenBuilt Performance Garage is a customer's nirvana. All vehicles are meticulously cared for. Before working on them, they are power washed thoroughly before any work begins to ensure nothing is contaminated during the process of repairing your vehicle or perhaps missed during an "average inspection". As you are beginning to realize I'm sure, that at ZenBuilt we are far from average. Customer Satisfaction is our HIGHEST priority. We take pride in our work and we value your experience. ZenBuilt Performance Garage is owned and operated by Tyler Morgan, who has been an enthusiast all his life. Show Cars, Race Cars, Show Trucks, Race Trucks, Rusty Projects, Bikes, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Hopes and Dreams, Ideas, and high expectations are all welcomed. There is no one else who could treat you or your vehicle better. 

Specializing In Everything That Moves You

Our mission statement, "specializing in everything that moves you" is something we are passionate about incorporating into every project. We realize that these are much more than machines and transportation. They are wins, losses, long nights at the track, memories, weekends with the kids, cruise nights with Grandpa, and so much more. We realize this and so much more, yielding a totally 100% stress free experience. Its one thing to put work into a vehicle or a project, but its a completely different thing to put love into something. The difference, we feel, is obvious. At ZenBuilt Performance Garage, we love what we do.

One of Our Greatest Personal Accomplishments

Believe it or not, this isn't an expensive or really fast vehicle we may have worked on. Neither is it one of our award winning restorations. Its the fact that here at ZenBuilt Performance Garage we are a 100% waste free facility. All waste fluids and materials are properly disposed of in the correct and proper manner and the waste oil that usually accumulates in other shops is carefully gathered and then recycled into heating oil. We truly embrace a reduce, conserve, and reuse lifestyle at ZenBuilt Performance Garage; realizing that however much fun we do have, we are contributing to the creation of a carbon footprint, and hold ourselves responsible the best we can for this with strict environmental policies regarding waste and contamination recycling. 


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